At New Americana we offer globally sourced handmade and manufactured clothing, accessories, home and gift items. We are honored to work with brands that support artisans all over the world to bring their amazing handmade products to you!

After decades working with various artisan groups in Tameslouht, Morocco, a group of talented women started something new. The Association of Creations of Women Artisans in Tameslouht, known by most as Creation Tameslouht, was formed in early January 2013 as a result of this initiative. Creation Tameslouht began with over 40 members, all women trained by the Ministry of Artisana in the traditional handicrafts of embroidery, sewing, crochet, and basket embellishment.

In 2014, the women began collaborating with several other associations in Tameslouht, including the Freedom Cooperative of Weaving and Sewing. Since that point, Creation Tameslouht has been used as an umbrella term to represent the finest artisans-- both male and female-- of the small village of Tameslouht. 

Sales from both our Detroit To Paris and Detroit Natural Raffia Totes goes directly to these artisans. By supporting New Americana you are supporting these families economically so that they are able to continue Morocco's handicraft traditions!

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