Who We Are: New Americana is a women’s lifestyle boutique, specializing in clothing and accessories, as well as home and gift items curated from a variety of global artisans. When deciding on our name, New Americana, we wanted to bring representation to where we purchase our goods and draw our inspiration.  We are giving a new meaning to the word Americana; New Americana is all of us here now in the US, immigrants, people of different cultures that we celebrate here in America, therefore our products represent those different cultures and people’s heritage and what America truly is. 

What We Do: As we are based in Detroit, our main goal is to sell products that one cannot find currently here. Many of our home and gift items are made by artisans from all over the world and are either fair trade or donate a percentage of the sales back to those communities who make them. We pair these with a curated selection of size inclusive women’s clothing. In addition to our desire to provide economic support to underserved artisan communities all over the world, New Americana is an all-inclusive shopping destination in which we want women of EVERY shape and size to feel comfortable. We actively pursue brands offering fashion forward pieces in a variety of sizes ranging from XS-XXL.

Global Design, Local Find: We believe in quality, which is displayed in all of our handmade and non-handmade goods.This brings us to New Americana’s credo, Global Design, Local Find.  Our credo will let customers know what New Americana values as a company. Our commitment to quality pairs with our passion to support artisans worldwide. We believe that New Americana can help make a difference by empowering artisans globally, while providing local economic growth.

Our Founders: Co-Founders Kendall and Emily both have worked in retail in some capacity for the last 11+ years.  Both started working in retail at a young age, allowing them to grow in a small company and learn the ins and outs of managing a store. Together, they went on to grow their passion for retail and turned that passion into degrees and careers. After college, both lived and worked in New York City for several start up and national retailers. They attribute the combination of their experience working for locally owned businesses in Michigan and their exposure to the mass market in New York as the backbone on which they grew their knowledge to best serve their customers, providing them with an exceptional level of customer service.


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  • Love this !! Can’t wait till u r up and running!!!

    Kelley ross

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